Unexpected Marylin


The news, and the book, coming just days after the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Marilyn, August 5, 1962.
According to the author and screenwriter Jerris there would be a real homosexual relationship between the blonde actress Jane Lawrence, who managed the star’s fan club. And the story between two women was when Lawrence was sixteen.
According to Radar Online Jerris said, “When you have known Jane was only 12 years. Their relationship quickly became very close because they share a troubled family history. She was tormented by his sexual identity, but Marilyn was reassuring: the saying ‘love is love, nothing else matters.’ “
In the book there are also memories of the young Marilyn alleged lover: “I remember our first meeting as a dream of uncertain My heart began to beat wildly as she kissed my thighs, then came over to my lips and kissed me a long time, slowly, deeply. “
The one with Lawrence is not the only homosexual relationship with Marilyn, who also had three husbands (including Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller). According to Jerris and other biographers, the plaintiff would have had homosexual encounters with movie stars like Joan Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck and Marlene Dietrich.
But according to Marilyn Lawrence was not homosexual or bisexual. Simply, “It was a free spirit, an open person and allergic to every kind of social constraint.”

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