“Skyfall” by Sam Mendes. From Aston Martin DB5 to the scarf by Tom Ford, James Bond wins again Tradition and innovation are the two ingredients that director Sam Mandes shake and not stir, to create the spectacular new adventure of secret agent created by Ian Fleming. After compensation of 007Continue Reading


Incredibly enthusiastic: are the first reactions of the critics in the Anglo-Saxon Skyfall, 23rd James Bond series title. Directed by Sam Mendes and starring Daniel Craig, Judi Dench and, in the part of villain, Javier Bardem, the film will be released in Italy on 31 October by Warner (in EnglandContinue Reading

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The Honda CRF250R is the choice for the bike stunt team in action scenes of the next 007 film Skyfall. In particular, the Honda, the opening sequence of James Bond, has provided a total of twenty CRF250R motorcycle, to adapt and ‘dress’ appropriately. A bike belongs in the film, theContinue Reading