The news was in the air since the release of the new album Grrr!, Which in its many ultra-luxury version aims to celebrate 50 years of the band’s history. Now they are the Rolling Stones to confirm with a video on youtube (I will propose at the beginning): The BritishContinue Reading


It was a smoky evening of ’62 when the Marquee in the heart of London musical presented six boys with long hair and with a great passion for the blues, black music and American rock and roll guitar. Passion that exudes from already named Rolling Stones, inspired the name ofContinue Reading


From that day, which represented their consecration, fifty years have passed and the Rolling Stones continue to be one of the most popular bands of all time: it is then output to celebrate their autobiography, titled Rolling Stones 50, which contains seven hundred rare images and other material found, toContinue Reading