Serebro increasingly in the spotlight more and more hot with the new video “GUN” that seems to be able to beat their recent summer hit “Mama Lover”.The three Russian singers, beautiful and above all provocative seem to make the wire to the Oscar Wilde quote “Good or bad, as longContinue Reading


The American star ‘renders’ to the nude. Taylor Momsen likes to provoke, as he had a chance to explain herself in various interviews. The nineteen, rose to prominence in the TV series’ Gossip Girl ‘, in which he played the character of Jenny Humphrey, the’ small J ‘, for fourContinue Reading


Kesha, better known as Ke$ha, has based his whole – albeit far short – career on provocation. Became famous with hits such as “Tic Toc”, the singer has now released a statement rather controversial: in fact he had sex with a ghost. “I had a couple of contacts with theContinue Reading

Miley Cyrus

Waiting for a new single comes to wedding and shows off sexy look. Guest dell’iHeart Radio Festival in Las Vegas, Miley Cyrus is back once again to amaze his fans. Not so much with his music, even if just at this time revealed to Rolling Stone that could soon releaseContinue Reading


These news “waka waka” could put in a good mood the whole of Europe, other than the rescue fund States or missile shield. A resume from the international press and filter that reveals spicy background: a sextape on board a boat, fell into the hands of two former employees ofContinue Reading