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Google announced Thursday a new product, the Samsung Chromebook laptop, which was defined by the computer manufacturers suitable for everyone. The Samsung Chromebook has a 11.6-inch screen and sells for $ 249, about 190 €. It ‘also available for pre-order on Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers online and promisesContinue Reading


Chrome: according to StatCounter used for a third of the global web navigation Google Chrome wins more and more of the top world-wide shipping, overcoming the barrier by 33% and confirming after only 4 years of life as the most widely used browser in the world. Calano Internet Explorer andContinue Reading


Sony and Google will try again: the new version of Google TV will see the light at the end of next month, while preorders are just starting. Entering in the world of television is not an easy thing. Wow audiences accustomed to the tube, put the screen in the livingContinue Reading


After many rumors and assumptions more or less credible, at last a few days ago Google has officially unveiled its tablet Economic Nexus 7, thus dispelling once and for all the mystique that surrounded him. After the hands-on offered by our American colleagues, we just have one last question: whenContinue Reading


Ordinary users will have to wait until 2014 before finally try Google Glass, glasses “intelligent” made from Mountain View. To declare, co-founder of Bigg, Sergey Brin. G glasses google glasses will be available in 2013 version of Explorer Edition, designed for developers who need to test them precisely in viewContinue Reading