Salvatore Ferragamo tribute to Marilyn Monroe


salvatore-ferragamo-marilym-monroe-exhibitThe superb exhibition of the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Florence (Italy), the retrospective ever female icon Marilyn Monroe on the 50th anniversary of the death that will fall on August 5th, is getting a big hit with visitors.
A retrospective covering the myth and the legend of the actress through clothing, pictures, accessories, and shoes that the Florentine designer created especially for her. A journey through the complex and controversial personality of Marilyn, which traces its insecurities, its successes and its fragility, a path that does better understand women than Marilyn Marilyn sex symbol, with the quirks and mannerisms typical of all female . Of particular interest are the comparisons that the retrospective shows with famous works of the past as to give to Marilyn even more iconic status.

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