New Apple Ipad 7,9″

ipad mini

ipad miniOne area where he did not want to enter, but now would even dominate. Apple has taken the plunge and, after Steve Jobs had repeatedly ridiculed the format “unnatural” the 7-inch tablet as opposed to the iPad’s 9.7, his heirs led by Tim Cook come with the decision in this market. The mini 7.9-inch iPad, says designer Jony Ive, “there is a small version of the iPad but condensed.” It can be used with one hand, as the products of competitors that have defined the past two years this market space.
Costs more than rivals (329 euro), but according to Phil Schiller, Apple’s head of marketing, the extra money is worth it because “a true tablet mini size, full-featured, not a compromise to save.” And in Italy, for once, the cost is not the greatest, we are the 13th country on the 28 in which it is marketed.
We tried to preview the new iPad mini. The response is positive. Touch is a solid object and compact, it holds well with one hand, it’s incredibly thin. Nothing to say on the screen or on design and finishes, attention to excellence for a product of this range.

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