Taylor Swift has announced plans for “1989,” her first official pop album. The album – named after Swift’s birth year – will be in stores Oct. 27 and is available for “pre-buy” now at During a live video stream on on Monday afternoon, Swift said that in the twoContinue Reading


After the Oscar for best original screenplay won in 1998 with best friend Matt Damon for Good Will Hunting – rebel genius, the film directorial debut Gone Baby Gone (2007), we have found that its excellent qualities for writing were not just a flash in the pan. Three years later,Continue Reading

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The news has created a real shock among fans, film buffs and nerds around the world: LucasArts has risen, and his savior named Walt Disney. The company that was the mother of one of the greatest legends of all time, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, was sold to the globalContinue Reading


“Skyfall” by Sam Mendes. From Aston Martin DB5 to the scarf by Tom Ford, James Bond wins again Tradition and innovation are the two ingredients that director Sam Mandes shake and not stir, to create the spectacular new adventure of secret agent created by Ian Fleming. After compensation of 007Continue Reading


007 AND HONDA CRF250R The 007 films have always been an important means of communication for automotive companies specimens of which appear in the bustling scenes of James Bond. The mere fact that the secret agent in a few frames of his film uses a given car is immediately becomingContinue Reading