amanda knox

The Court of Cassazione will have to decide on the appeals case of Amanda Knox against the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Perugia October 3, 2011 quashed the sentence of 26 years for her and Raffaele Sollecito issued December 5, 2009 by the courts of first instance, scagionandoliContinue Reading

lady gaga

Lady Gaga has donated one million dollars to the American Red Cross. The money donated by the singer will help the people of New York affected by Hurricane Sandy violently last October. The announcement came directly from pop stars, with a message appeared on (community dedicated to her), explainedContinue Reading


Valentino Rossi and Yamaha have moved from Valencia today at Aragon, but this was not enough to avoid the rain that has raged on throughout Spain. So, the second day of testing of MotoGP team for the season 2013 is proving to be substantially interim, and it is certainly difficultContinue Reading

Swiss Railways Symbol

The house with the bitten apple forced to pay $ 21 million to the Swiss Federal Railways for copying their symbol A few months ago the news was circulated of a dispute between the Swiss Federal Railways and Apple. Why the organization of rail transport in the state known forContinue Reading

lucas film

The news has created a real shock among fans, film buffs and nerds around the world: LucasArts has risen, and his savior named Walt Disney. The company that was the mother of one of the greatest legends of all time, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, was sold to the globalContinue Reading


Facebook, arrested Paul Ceglia: Mark Zuckerberg had reported, but it was all a scam The developer of New York but of Italian origin has been arrested for fraud, as it would have falsified the contract under which claimed the paternity of Facebook; relief for Mark Zuckerberg, who had been denouncedContinue Reading