Lady Gaga is preparing a new album


lady-gagaLady Gaga uses the channel to reveal interesting advances, giving priority to fans registered with the site. Between a chat and the other, the singer said that the new album will be the much anticipated sequel to ‘Telephone’, remember the photo that she posted days ago in the company’s director Jonas Akerlund?
It was a sign. He also reassured the faithful that soon will release new music, which is not necessarily that of the new album in her colorful ideas there is in fact to create a short video for every track on the next record. In addition, by popular demand, the return of Gagavision episodes and will be published directly on-site Gaga. She confessed to being in a good period of his life, so inspiring and so many pleasant and profitable hours devoted to his work. Even his private life seems to have finally found a balance: appears happier and less stressed. Well, ‘what about? Lady Gaga we’re all happy for you.
In September, revealed on his Twitter directly, the title of her brand new album, after a surprise preview of “Princess Die” in the stage of a concert, and that mysterious song we hear playing from inside her car, she signed autographs for fans. Unreleased or unreleased demo?

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