Jimi Hendrix: a new biography written by his brother Leon


jimihendrixJimi Hendrix in November released a new biography written by his brother Leon
It will be called “Jimi Hendrix: my brother,” the new biography of the greatest guitarist of all time, Jimi Hendrix, who died 18 September 1970 in Kensington district in south-west London, died from barbiturates. The work, created by Jimi’s younger brother, Leon Hendrix, in collaboration with Adam Mitchell, provides an unprecedented history of the intimate life of Jimi Hendrix, a life of success and some excess too.
Leon Hendrix brings us back to the days before the incredible rise of Jimi in the world of music, starting from their difficult childhood in Seattle, when the passion for science fiction and UFOs helped them escape from a familial condition far from simple. In the book, in this regard, Leon tells of a Jimi that, after seeing the movie “Flash Gordon” in 1936, inspired by the eponymous comic, persuaded the family to call him “Buster” as the protagonist of the film, Buster Crabbe. The author also tells the first musical experiences of Jimi, from his experiments with wires attached to the bedposts at the time you drove in trouble for completely disassembled the radio parents (“I was looking for the music,” will explain later) until his first purchase of an acoustic guitar, a “Sears, Roebuck and Co.” bought from a neighbor. During the biography, Leon Hendrix also dwells on the darkest moments in the career of his brother, recalling for example his excesses with drugs and wild nights of sex, revealing to readers his thoughts on the management of Jimi, guilty, according to Leon , of having removed his brother from the family. Leon will therefore be the death of the great artist, who says he learned as a young man was in the reformatory in Monroe, Washington State, and that he had been upset (“I was heartbroken,” she says in the book) .

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