Courtney Love: a movie on Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

The idea of the lead singer of Hole is to interpret itself and tell their version on the last years of the rocker of the Nirvana
LOS ANGELES – A film about Kurt Cobain. It ‘s the thought not too hidden Courtney Love, the former wife of Nirvana front man killed himself in 1994 in the garage of his home in Seattle.
“Courtney dreams to tell his side of the story, but so far nothing has materialized,” he told the New York Daily News, a source close to Sam Lutfi, manager of the singer of Hole. The spouse of Cobain from ’92 to ’94 could then interpret itself within a project “still in its infancy” that still allow the Love to tell him who was called the “spokesman” of Generation X with the eyes of those knew him and were close to him.
The star of Nirvana cinema has already spent more movies: Last Days (2005) by Gus Van Sant, the documentary Kurt and Courtney (1998) by Nick Broomfield.

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