Yahoo! buys for 30 million Summly website from a 17-year-old guy


SummlyWhen Nick D’Aloisio has begun to develop Summly, the smartphone application that earned him a check millionaire from Yahoo!, she was only 15 years
Two years later, the London boy got to his creature $ 30 million, paid by the company in Sunnyvale.
The idea that earned him the assets is simple, yet innovative. Summly is used to display news. But not only sums up the four hundred characters. An idea that modern spin on the need of users to stay informed. And possibly read as much as possible in the short time available each day.
On Alosio, some Italian heritage behind and spent several years in Australia, will be hired full-time in the team of Yahoo!, but continue to investigate. For now, the 30 million that has won him the deal Summly will be managed by parents.
The acquisition by Yahoo! is the latest step in the history of an app very young, but very successful. Over one million downloads from the App Store of Apple, which is no longer Summly hours after the acquisition. A first believe the company’s Sunnyvale a bevy of celebrity, Ashton Kutcher Yoko Ono.

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