Xbox Music: microsft offer 30 million songs!

xbox music

xbox musicMicrosoft is serious. Xbox Music, now active in the U.S. alone and only for owners of the homonymous game consoles, is to more than one objective, and easy to predict, the campaign to win over more and more space between the users will be aggressive. On 26 October, in conjunction with the debut of Windows 8, Xbox Music will be available (only in the U.S.) to all terminals (PC and device) on running the new born of Microsoft.
The service offers two different ways to enjoy the 30milioni of tracks available (4 million more than if they are on iTunes), free streaming – maintained that thanks to the banner ads that you have to endure – or listening without restrictions of time and a service of radio stations that broadcast music according to our tastes, at a price of $ 9.99 per month.
The report Microsoft-music has never been idyllic: the market has responded very cold Zune, but this new attempt to undermine the dominance of iTunes, at least on paper, many good arguments that suggest a success. A sign that Redmond has taken is that streaming music and rhyme, and behold a service, Xbox Music, who manages to concentrate (and undermine), services like Spotify, Rdio and MOG as a community. In addition we should not forget the Microsoft approach to social networks ( and the sharing of music and musical tastes is a good glue so that users are gripping “friends.”

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