Windows 8 Phone: big launch with Jessica Alba


albaWindows 8 Phone, launch with Jessica Alba. Microsoft adds: after the launch of Windows 8 for tablet computer, the software giant has introduced the new smartphone operating system, with which he hopes to gain ground on competitors Google and Apple. During an event held in San Francisco, guest actress Jessica Alba, Chief Executive Steve Ballmer has also presented a series of smartphones that use the new operating software, produced by Finland’s Nokia, by South Korea’s Samsung and HTC of Taiwan . Will be on sale from November, the United States and other countries of the world.
The Redmond plays big with Windows 8: it has completely redesigned its flagship software, which ‘still operated by more than 90% of computers around the world, hoping to establish itself on mobile devices, where its share market is minimal compared to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. As the two competitors have done previously, Microsoft has launched its online store for downloading applications compatible with its operating system.

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