The Samsung Invasion

samsung galaxy s3

Samsung in the second quarter of its sanctioning overtaking Galaxy compared to the iPhone and recording sales in general rose by 21 percent and a record profit of 5.9 billion dollars.
In a smartphone market grew just one per cent last year, according to estimates by analyst firm IDC, Samsung and Apple are divided almost half the total, leaving the crumbs to other manufacturers such as Nokia, which still struggles to impose edge devices based on Windows Phone as Lumia.
Samsung, unlike Apple, offers a wide range of devices: mobile phones is also looking to come to 93 million units shipped.
It is thanks to this diversification strategy that could achieve a record 50 million units shipped in a single quarter, more than double to 20 million last year and nearly twice as well compared to Cupertino, where sales are also been slowed by the expectation of the new iPhone, which is rumored in the coming month of October.
In the great variety offered, however, Samsung has been able to give life to a tip line that can compete directly with iPhone: smartphones Galaxy, with SII and SIII are valid for more than 60 percent of its operating profit.
The only negative note for Samsung seems to be the semiconductor division, which fell 6 percent resulting mainly to weak demand for DRAM and NAND prices down.

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