The Peanuts: the movie!


Peanuts_linusCharlie Brown, Snoopy & friends will star in a film directed by Steve Martino (Ice Age 4) released on November 25, 2015. The date is not random because celebrates the 65th anniversary of the birth of Peanuts and the 50th from the TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas broadcast on CBS which made full of plays. The script is provided by Craig and Bryan Schulz, respectively son and grandson of the creator of Peanuts, in collaboration with Cornelius Uliano. Produced in accordance with the Schulz with 20th Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios.
The Peanuts, created by Charles Schulz, appear on October 2, 1950 in the pages of seven American newspapers, including the “Washington Post” and the “Chicago Tribune”. The daily strip was so successful that in January of ’52 entertains the readers of the Sunday.
The comic is immediately innovative thanks to the ability satirical Schulz in denouncing the great social issues, from racism to the Vietnam War, which still prevails humorous look humanist: a citizen of the world closely followed by over 350 million people 75 countries.

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