The Google Goggles will become a “super remote control”


The Google Glass could be used one day to control the sound of your voice all the appliances ‘intelligent’ from TV. This was revealed in a patent application filed by Big G “caught” by the specialized website Engadget.
The request, filed in 2011 and granted these days U.S. office, concerns a device to control appliances and other household items such as refrigerators, television, automatic doors. The connection should be via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or even Qr codes: “When the device is in range of` wearable computer ‘- reads the patent application – get this information, which can be used to define an interface of control. “
Among the applications `suppose ‘in the patent are just the garage door, you could go directly to the car no longer need the remote control, and a smart refrigerator, can` talk’ if something is missing or if there are foods maturity.

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