Serebro increasingly in the spotlight more and more hot with the new video “GUN” that seems to be able to beat their recent summer hit “Mama Lover”.The three Russian singers, beautiful and above all provocative seem to make the wire to the Oscar Wilde quote “Good or bad, as longContinue Reading

sexy music

What you hear in the bedroom in the moments of intimacy? The soundtrack of Dirty Dancing, at least for the majority of British citizens who were interviewed by the prestigious Goldsmiths University of London, on behalf of the provider Spotify music on demand. The research sought to find out whichContinue Reading

alana blanchard

The twenty two year old champion surf signs a bikini line for Rip Curl, and becomes testimonial campaign launch. As time goes on a Hawaiian girl blonde, 22 years old, perfect body, sports, living in an earthly paradise and attended some of the most beautiful beaches in the world? Simple,Continue Reading

Barbara Gonzalez

Changing of the guard in Martini: the famous Chalize Theron, face symbol of the famous brand in Turin (Italy), leaving his place to Barbara Gonzalez, winner of the World Martini Royale Casting. Over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, twelve pairs of Louboutin shoes and twelve outfits of famous designers,Continue Reading


The Rynair, well known Irish low cost airline, has decided to be very unselfish this year, and did so by paying their hostess for a sexy calendar. The 12 flight attendants the most beautiful and handsome of the European company (including the Italian Lorraine Sidoti, Alessia Orestes and Matilde Casalini)Continue Reading


The American star ‘renders’ to the nude. Taylor Momsen likes to provoke, as he had a chance to explain herself in various interviews. The nineteen, rose to prominence in the TV series’ Gossip Girl ‘, in which he played the character of Jenny Humphrey, the’ small J ‘, for fourContinue Reading


Lady Gaga has put on weight of 13 kg, this is now a given certificate admitted by herself. The singer likes to eat pasta and pizza at the restaurant dad Joe, who cooks the most delicious treats beautifully Italian. The singer, toned and muscular until recently, suffered a physical collapseContinue Reading