It ‘slipped on her heels and fell to the ground, but was immediately raised as if nothing serious had happened and continued to sing. This is what happened to Madonna MDNA as part of his tour in Dallas, Texas, where the pop star has walked in “spectacular” accident on stage.Continue Reading

madonna in moscow

Huge crowds in Moscow for Madonna, who arrived in Russia for his tour that will visit the capital and St. Petersburg. The singer smiles despite its arrival was preceded by controversy. It ‘has been attacked by homosexuals, who have criticized for his tour in a homophobic country like Russia, forContinue Reading


Madonna takes a track dated 1990, modernises and brings it to the judgment of the public. For this operation she recruited Tom Munro whose skilled hands and camera was given the remake of the famous ‘Justify My Love’. When she left, the piece was a tremendous success, especially for theContinue Reading


Madonna has always claimed to have two children who, given his way of life and given the demands, they look more mature for their age. This time to prove it is Lourdes, eldest daughter of pop star. The girl, tired of the constant quarrels between the mother and her heirContinue Reading

madonna turn up the radio

The new Madonna video “Turn Up The Radio”, filmed in Italy a month ago at the concerts in Rome, Milan and Florence, is online. Florence, Tuscany and the Mugello area have turned into the set of the clip directed by Tom Munro. ‘Turn Up The Radio’ is the third singleContinue Reading