iPhone 5, after the presentation that has raised a lot of concerns, is beating the market with pre-order record. And the smear campaign that started against Samsung and parodies of Apple iPhone 5 will count for nothing against the most important fact of all: your sales. To find out theContinue Reading


In these hot summer days, many iPhone owners have much more free time than usual to play with your phone, perhaps under the umbrella: iPhonari us why we offer a selection of the best games ever, to play and replay on your iPhone. For all lovers of the game belongedContinue Reading


We are all waiting for news about the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, Apple devices that should arrive by the end of 2012. Rumors continue to arrive also for other devices, such as 4 or iPad, however, the successor to the New iPad. The New iPad arrived on the marketContinue Reading


I know, Iphone 5 is not yet arrived. What feature will have the new Iphone? We don’t know yet, but what is sure is that will be cool and innovative, as all the Apple Iphone. Now, what  is interesting is to take a look to the new Iphone 6 features…Continue Reading


Rumors continue to rage on the release date of the new jewel of Apple, the iPhone 5. According to some Chinese operators, the “iPhone by” might come out on September 21, with a bit of advance of the dates previously issued, indicating the month of October. There is also talkContinue Reading

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The blog in question had correctly predicted the release of the iPhone 4S last year and the start of production of the new iPad (January 2012), and therefore is considered by many to be a trusted source. The time intercorrerà between production and the launch of the new iPhone willContinue Reading

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Discover the meaning of the term: “Every time you drink an alcoholic effect is greater than you think .. look after 10 years “reads the opening screen of” Drinking Time Machine, “a new App for iPhone and iPad already available to 0.79 cents. Originally commissioned by the Scottish Government forContinue Reading

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Samsung is launching today in Europe is new device Galaxy SIII. Fantastic! The design and performance seems really itneresting- We are talking about a new mobile phone with cool design and very high technical specs. Android, ultra size display 4,8″ multitouch, good camera with 8 m pixel + flash andContinue Reading