Disney Pixar announces today the launch of The Brave: The Game that will, according to what they said Javier Ferreira, the sequel of the movie. “The adventures that follow in Rebel – The Brave: The Videogame is an extension of the plot of the film to fans of the filmContinue Reading


After the huge success of the Cannes Film Festival with director Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom is already at work on a new project. For the next film, titled The Grand Hotel Budapest, wants the protagonist has the face of star Johnny Depp. The news confirms the engagement of a rumorContinue Reading

disney marvel

In the field of animation, the acquisition of Marvel by Disney’s launch of the Marvel Universe, the block of cartoons with superheroes of the House of Ideas on Disney XD. Now Marvel and Disney merge deeply with their own reality in the first crossover between the animated series Phineas andContinue Reading


“Dreams are wishes, happiness …” So sang the poor blonde girl forced to work cleaning because of his stepmother. Obviously we are talking about the cartoon favorite from all the girls, Cinderella. Disney Cinderella Contest LouboutinDopo 62 years since the birth of the Disney film, part a contest for aContinue Reading

Finding Nemo 2

Finding Nemo, the Disney cartoon starring three cute little fish Marlin, Dory and Nemo, will have a sequel to confirm its own Andrew Stanton, writer and director of the film, thanks to which he also won the Oscar. At the beginning, in fact, it seemed that Stanton was not muchContinue Reading