Swiss Railways Symbol

The house with the bitten apple forced to pay $ 21 million to the Swiss Federal Railways for copying their symbol A few months ago the news was circulated of a dispute between the Swiss Federal Railways and Apple. Why the organization of rail transport in the state known forContinue Reading


Within a few weeks – there is even talk of the first day of December – the iPhone 5 will become part of the catalog of China Telecom, at least according to leaked from the pages dell’autorevolissimo Wall Street Journal. The Chinese border is a very ambiguous for Apple, aContinue Reading


With the entry of the Board of Directors of Eddy Cue Maranello sets out a high level partnership between Cupertino and the “red” Italian. Apple takes a huge step forward in the integration of iOS cars in car after numerous agreements with other manufacturers such as GM, Mercedes and BMW.Continue Reading

iPhone5 vs Samsunggalaxys3

iPhone 5 Galaxy S3 could eat in one bite. This is what emerges from the analysis of Strategy Analytics, which in addition to point out an encouraging departure of Apple’s smartphone, announces the passing of the flagship of Samsung against .. iPhone 4S. Yes, iPhone 4S, after a year afterContinue Reading

ipad mini

One area where he did not want to enter, but now would even dominate. Apple has taken the plunge and, after Steve Jobs had repeatedly ridiculed the format “unnatural” the 7-inch tablet as opposed to the iPad’s 9.7, his heirs led by Tim Cook come with the decision in thisContinue Reading

Apple Mini

At the end has come. The iPad Mini was presented last night at the California Theatre in San Jose. An important location for Apple where – during a keynote in 2005 – its founder Steve Jobs duet with U2. A tablet in a reduced size that meets the wishes ofContinue Reading


It ‘s time to think about the next iPhone from Apple, which of course will be presented next year. We need to confirm that after the official launch, iPhone 5 has caused a lot of confusion and some users were very satisfied. iPhone 6 could incorporate: battery powered with solarContinue Reading


Few people can confuse the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 of the iPad. This is the underlying motivation that led the judges of the High Court in London to give an account to the Korean giant in the proceedings which is between the two companies as regards patents relating to theContinue Reading


iPhone 5, after the presentation that has raised a lot of concerns, is beating the market with pre-order record. And the smear campaign that started against Samsung and parodies of Apple iPhone 5 will count for nothing against the most important fact of all: your sales. To find out theContinue Reading