Within a few weeks – there is even talk of the first day of December – the iPhone 5 will become part of the catalog of China Telecom, at least according to leaked from the pages dell’autorevolissimo Wall Street Journal. The Chinese border is a very ambiguous for Apple, aContinue Reading


It will be held on September 12 in San Francisco, the long-awaited Apple event that will be the undisputed leader of the new iPhone 5. Initially it was said that at the same event was also presented chatted iPad Mini, but it will not be. Her big day should beContinue Reading

iphone5 and mini

It finally started the countdown to the launch of the new Apple smartphone. The rumors on the iPhone 5, nonetheless, continue to chase and, indeed, increasing every day. Among strange sales strategies and new images. Sharp does not make it – The fact that Apple wants to do everything inContinue Reading


iLab Factory, a Japanese company that deals with repairs and support for Apple devices, has published some pictures attributed to the next version of the iPhone, according to recent rumors that should be placed on the market at the end of September. The photos show for the first time theContinue Reading