Steve Wozniak: “Cloud is orrible”


Steve_WozniakMove all your data and your computing needs of cloud computing to remote servers. Better not, advises Steve Wozniak: the engineer who built the fortunes of Apple’s original claims to be afraid of the growing trend currently experienced by services in the cloud.
“I think it will be horrible,” Wozniak says bluntly, “there will be an awful lot of problems over the next five years” due to the spread of telematics clouds. The inventor of the Apple II and Apple then goes on to describe how it feels to lose a sense of “ownership” of information and products once moved everything to the cloud.
“With the cloud does not have anything – says Wozniak – I’ve given to others.” Conversely, the engineer wants to “feel that they are in possession of things”, as the feeling of having all their data available on the PC through the cloud is misleading because the control over the information passed into the hands of others.
The last public appearance of his noble father will certainly not pleased to Apple and the current management of the company, which invested (with the consent of Steve Jobs) a good part of the strategy for the sustainable success of the iPhone OS platform right on the presence of an online infrastructure. Infrastructure but is experiencing a difficult time, say the chronicles.

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