Spy Mouse for Iphone


spy-mouseIn these hot summer days, many iPhone owners have much more free time than usual to play with your phone, perhaps under the umbrella: iPhonari us why we offer a selection of the best games ever, to play and replay on your iPhone.
For all lovers of the game belonged to the puzzle genre but at the same time belonging also to the action genre, EA Spy Mouse is definitely a game for you. The way it puts us in the shoes of a small and nice little mouse whose purpose is to steal the cheese from several houses within the city. But his path will not be without pitfalls: in fact in years will present a series of house cats that we should take care to avoid if you do not want to make a very painful end.
The controls are very simple: because we will not have to do is drive the mouse with our finger, drawing the path that will run but of course could change at any time, should there be any cat that is not calculated. What should we do then is get the pieces of cheese and, once collected all direct us towards our dugout that will be the end of the level. The developers have included a large number of levels, divided into seven different worlds for now everyone with a series of particular innovations.
A game must for our device and for those who want to refresh their minds in these hot days of August.

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