Spiderman best scenes


spidermanNearly one million a day since its release last Friday in our rooms: you like to win easy, dear Spidey. In fact it was predictable in the pot box office in June with the ‘dictatorship’ by Sacha Baron Coen that the reboot of Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-man svettasse from the skyscrapers of Coney Island at the box office worldwide. The film received critical ups and downs but the box office that promotes it with flying colors.
Let’s see what are the most memorable scenes: watch out for spoilers because from here on out referred to the important parts of the movie’s plot.

THE MIND AND THE ARM – Curt Connors, the enemy of Spiderman in this new chapter, he lost an arm, but in a night of madness decided to inject the liquid regenerating he studied. Colpiscela sequence where Dr. Connors (Rhys Ifans) wakes up and finds himself in a sort of cocoon his arm, something prevents him from moving on the desk, is his arm grew back” the obstacle “most pleasant of his life. I Ifans’s own words, during the presentation of the film in Rome that define the condition of Connors / Lizard: “Curt earned his arm, but loses his mind.”

SOMEONE SAVED MY SON – Subsequent to the scene described above is the metamorphosis of Connors Lizard. The lizard starts on the Manhattan Bridge in search of the man who fired him, because the doctor refused to do human trials of the formula that he prepared. Spidey arrives on the site and saves a baby from a car to a step from the water hanging by a thread of spider web of course, to the bridge. The moment where the special effects make their best hand, even if the child puts his Spidey mask to escape the fire is found a beautiful, one of the few lame script.

STAN LEE – not miss the cameo by Stan Lee. Like Hitchcock, Dad Marvel wants to appear in all his films and this time is in the library while listening to a vinyl Spider-Man and Lizard fighting with strokes of libraries detached from the wall behind him, but Lee did not notice anything immersed in the sounds sweet. Hilarious sequence that confirms the predominantly ironic twist typical “marvelliano” apprezzabilissimo in The Avengers.

NEED A CRANE? In the final Spider-Man is injured, limps, a carpenter and one notices is the same which had saved her son on Spidey Manhatthan Bridge decides to assemble a team of cranes and bring them in line will allow for Peter Parker to soar on all of them and reach the goal. A significant since resize the superhero scene showing a human side another less sentimental and more physical reminder that even the superhero needs of straight men have to be these: What would Spider-Man without Gwen Stacy and her father, Uncle Ben or Aunt may?

WHO AM I? – The final lesson of literature is perhaps one of the most alluring of all time: the new teacher explains to students that there is only one plot in all the stories that unfolded from the question: Who am I? How can she be wrong with this question have built the most beautiful films of the genre in the 2000s, the first two Raimi’s Spiderman and especially the enemy of Spider-Man commercial: that Batman will close on August 29 in Italy with his trilogy The Dark Knight – The Return.

And your favorite scenes, what are they?

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