Sony presents the new Google TV


Sony and Google will try again: the new version of Google TV will see the light at the end of next month, while preorders are just starting.
Entering in the world of television is not an easy thing. Wow audiences accustomed to the tube, put the screen in the living room content from across the Internet, it would seem the most natural example of digital convergence in the world. Wrong: the hybrid internet-tv is a complex creature to which the viewer still runs away. The project partners are well aware of Google TV, Logitech in the head, chasing the chimera that has left 100 million dollars. But Sony, despite a first attempt went wrong, we still believe.

In July, it will light the Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet TV Player with Google, the final version of the prototype unveiled for the first time by the Japanese in January at CES 2012. The small set-top box will cost $ 199, connected to the TV at home will enable the search of video content in traditional broadcasting and Internet streaming, plus access to the endless world of the Google App Store Play in common with the operating system for smartphones Android.

Compared to the first version of the interface has been simplified – Google said it had learned from their mistakes – and, despite the departure of Logitech, the ship went up in Mountain View Other partners like LG and Samsung, already a market leader together with Sony.

And Sony has made in the unique design of the remote control, crucial characteristic that can determine the success or failure of the product: the choice of the Japanese on the back incorporates a full QWERTY keyboard and backlit controls on the front of the classics plus a large touchpad. Are placed inside a three-axis motion sensor and a universal Bluetooth module to control all compatible devices in the room.

The day U.S. launch has been fixed for July 22, with preorders already open from June 25 on the website of the product, while there are already plans, but less precise, the output of the Internet player outside the U.S.: United Kingdom back in July, other countries such as Brazil and Mexico further, Italy is not received.

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