Snow White And the Huntsman Box Office Record

snowwhite and the huntsman

Tsnowwhite and the huntsmanhe new film directed by Rupert Sanders dedicated to one of the best known fairy tales for children and told. Among princesses, queens and magic mirrors, the film’s British director is the last in the seam which, starting in Wonderland by Tim Burton dall’Alice through the Blood of Red Riding Hood Catherine Hardwicke, in recent years has covered stories dedicated the smallest to the largest representing them, purged of all romantic aspirations and dreams, but full of different ideas, new plans for interpretation, and in this case, dark atmospheres and visions as a Gothic tradition.
In the shoes of the protagonist, is the idol of the girls Kristen Stewart in a ruthless duel with the talented and beautiful Charlize Theron, who won an Oscar in 2004 for Monster. The role of the brave hunter instead happened to Chris Hemsworth, the blond god Thor, the Avengers, while the young love of the unfortunate princess was entrusted to Sam Claflin. Among the supporting cast of Snow White and the Hunter, the dwarves have to reserve the biggest surprises: among them are hidden in fact some famous faces like Bob Hoskins and Ian McShane, Toby Jones, Ray Winstone and Nick Frost.

Since the death of his father, Snow White (Stewart) has been forced to suffer the oppression of Ravenna stepmother (Theron), isolated from the private affections and love of the prince (Claflin). On the eighteenth birthday of the girl, through the magic mirror of the cruel queen is forced to face reality: it is no longer the fairest of them all, was overtaken by the white Snow White, with his kingdom in danger, she hires the hunter Eric (Hemsworth) to kill her. It will be the discovery of the guilt of Ravenna the murder of his wife to Eric to change his mind, urging him to help the young and to drive it into the dark forest where, with the support of seven dwarfs, begin to plan his revenge against the grim sovereign.
There is little you can do: Snow White is and remains the star of a very confined space, or the equivalent and a few other scenes, queen of the realm and the film is confirmed as the evil had already suspected, Charlize Theron, treacherous, and sometimes acute bad as a few other villains of the cinema. When the scene is shared, you learn to fight, nothing can hardly mentioned expressions of Stewart against mimicry and the transport of the blonde actress, able to build a character in the round, composed of many facets that express malice at the right time, ruthlessness and lust for power, not forgetting that touch of humanity that, willingly or unwillingly, still pervades the heart of Ravenna.

If the Princess of Kristen Stewart, turned to heroin ready to challenge any ordeal to reclaim what belongs to damsel in distress for rather obscure reasons, is unable to emerge as one would expect from a film whose colossal size as that of Sanders, not to be even better hunter Hemsworth, overwhelmed by the charisma of the dwarves, thanks to the personal experiences of the actors who play the role, they know how to steal the public’s attention.

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