“Skyfall” by Sam Mendes is a great success!


“Skyfall” by Sam Mendes. From Aston Martin DB5 to the scarf by Tom Ford, James Bond wins again
Tradition and innovation are the two ingredients that director Sam Mandes shake and not stir, to create the spectacular new adventure of secret agent created by Ian Fleming.
After compensation of 007 in Casino Royale, especially after the creaking Die Another Day, and after the nebulous Quantum of Solace, it’s up to the British director Sam Mendes, Oscar-winning American Beauty, the task to “resurrect” James Bond in his twenty-third film, Skyfall.
And for the 50th anniversary of the saga, Agent 007 is located, as well, with a halo as a superhero, with all the nuances that lead to the tragedy and the virtue of one who carries on his shoulders the fate of the Fatherland. Between Shakespeare and the trilogy of The Dark Knight Nolan, Mendes was not spared: a comic book hero’s nemesis, played masterfully by Javier Bardem, who almost steals the show as Daniel Craig, James Bond in a (for the third time played by Craig) intended to be reborn from its ashes, from building plots and shady characters to conflicting relationship with the authorities, almost imposing presence of family – in this case M (for the seventh time Judi Dench is to assume the role of chief MI6) Skyfall onstage with the grin cinecomic and conquest.

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