Shakira Best Red Carpet Look

shakira face

shakira faceIf in addition to Madonna is a pop singer who has enjoyed the pace of fashion has become undoubtedly the sexy Shakira. From time to time femme fatale, or example of naturally rebellious teenager, the star passes without a look to the other concerns, focusing on his perfect body and her face eternal girl.
Shakira was born in Colombia to a Lebanese father and Colombian mother. The star has made a strong point of his mixed heritage, drawing inspiration from them to create a music and a unique look. The singer takes early awareness of his vocation and work hard to achieve his dreams. A tireless worker, he composed hundreds of songs, dedicating time to time to his parents or with various boyfriends.
Caught between rock and ethnic inspirations, Shakira does not choose and combines his various musical passions without problems, creating a style of the most sexy, truly unique. After you have colored her hair blonde (according to her, every woman should be fair at least once in life), the singer says with her voice, her belly dancing and its original look. Shakira is unlike any other pop singer and makes inroads into the hearts of fans of the genre.
In 2012, after having long hair for years, Shakira opted for a lovely short loin. For a time the charming face popstar delete her mythic smoky eye makeup by opting for a completely natural, and then back to a more pronounced feminine make-up. All this without ever losing an ounce of his legendary sex appeal

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