Serebro new hot Video


serebroSerebro increasingly in the spotlight more and more hot with the new video “GUN” that seems to be able to beat their recent summer hit “Mama Lover”.The three Russian singers, beautiful and above all provocative seem to make the wire to the Oscar Wilde quote “Good or bad, as long as we speak”, by networking a new video-style dance music pleasant and catchy, but whose strong point is not is certain (and not only) the audio version, but the “video”.Alluring poses, clothes that are there and not there, and provocative lead Temnikova Lena, Anastasia and Olga Karpova Seryabkina to emerge as the true antagonist of Pussy Riot, the collective Russian feminist and politically engaged, which promotes indie-rock in strict anonymity.The Serebro fact, unlike the Italians, they are anonymous and are not particularly politically deployed (which, these days, it is good for those who have to “sell”).The new video has sparked the feminist movement, the “good girls” do not want to recognize of course the stereotype presented by the Russian trio, who says, ‘to hell with what the good girls might say. “

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