Scary Movie n.5: The New Episode

Scary Movie 5

Scary Movie 5A few weeks ago we reported the rumor that Lindsay Lohan would participate in Scary Movie 5. Today the news is confirmed, according to reports from E!, Which also adds that Charlie Sheen will join the cast.
We do not know which character will play Lohan (perhaps even himself, in a role clearly very self-deprecating), which will complement the star Ashley Tisdale. Sheen had previously played Logan Tom in Scary Movie 3 and 4.
The film will be distributed in the U.S. April 19, 2013. This summer will start shooting.
The site E! shows the signature of Lindsay Lohan for Scary Movie 5 and return to the franchise even actor Charlie Sheen. The claimant should return to the role of Tom Logan, who was in his third and fourth film, but it is unclear although the role of the actress should object to the character of Ashley Tisdale.
The film’s director Malcolm Lee is working next to David Zucker, co-writer and producer of Scary Movie 5. The film should be released in U.S. theaters April 19, 2013, the franchise has grossed worldwide $ 800 million.

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