Samsung SIII new Tv Commercial


samsung_galaxy_s3_spot_tv-595x324Samsung is now known to make funny commercials for Apple and tease their fans. Over the past months we have often seen on YouTube videos made by the South Korean manufacturer that made fun of Apple fans lined up outside an AppleStore for the new product of the bitten apple, but unfortunately those days are finished, but Samsung does not lose his sense of humor . In the last hours were released three new commercials in which we find the Galaxy S III as the protagonist.
Three videos and three different scenes in which we can exploit the full potential of our Galaxy S III.
Use NFC and S-Beam, Gaming, HD Super AMOLED display and 8 megapixel camera: these are the main areas identified by the video.
In this first video the father leaving for work sees recapitarsi via NFC using S-Beam a video from his daughter and other content unsuitable for children under 18 by his wife (do not expect to see this content.)

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