Sacha Baron Cohen new movie project: “The Lesbian”


cohenSacha Baron Cohen is used to impress and not ‘missed the bizarre story of the tycoon in Hong Kong – as rich as Croesus but unable to live with the life choices of lesbian daughter – has offered a reward of 50 million euro man that will succeed ‘to win her heart. Known for his irreverent comedies, British actor and ‘come to an agreement with Paramount Pictures for a film,’ The Lesbian ‘, inspired by the true story of their’ tycoon ‘who want to’ redeem ‘the beautiful daughter homosexual. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Baron Cohen will produce ‘the film through his Four By Two Films, but the project and’ still in its infancy and not ‘found the writer. Baron Cohen could be given to whether ‘just part of the rich millionaire, difficult childhood and a vibrant life as a’ play boy ‘. Still unsure instead the name of who will give ‘face heiress, the beautiful Gigi, which – the real one – has since confessed that since the extravagant found the father and’ came to light, and ‘was engulfed by a double avalanche of offers, proposals to meet, friend requests on Facebook.

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