Rolling Stones Live!


rolling-stones-liveThe news was in the air since the release of the new album Grrr!, Which in its many ultra-luxury version aims to celebrate 50 years of the band’s history. Now they are the Rolling Stones to confirm with a video on youtube (I will propose at the beginning): The British band will return to perform live for four esclusivissime dates, equally divided between the two sides of the Atlantic and renamed 50 and counting (50 and is not over). Meeting on 25 and 29 November in London and 13 and December 15 in Newark, New Jersey.
With the announcement of the four concerts, Mick Jagger and company sweep away the voices of evil that spoke of a band on the right path to retirement, which despite having released a record with a handful of unreleased, probably not going to make it to hold a live. The same rumors circulated ten years ago, when the Rolling Stones celebrated their first forty years, accompanying the best of 40 licks with a performance at Madison Square Garden in New York.
Today, as then, live at the O2 Arena in London and at the Prudential Center in Newark will not be properly at low prices. On the contrary: in London is part of the 106 pounds (130 Eu) for the worst jobs, right up to 1140 pounds (1411 Eu) needed to win the pit beneath the stage. In the middle, the so-called normal people in the audience of 550 Eu.
I definitely exorbitant ticket prices have left indifferent to the British press, which on the front page of today roars dramatically for the choice of the management of the Rolling Stones to submit the fans of the band to a drain to attend what in the video posted on youtube instead it is defined by the fantastic Four a party for fifty years together. Which, as specific Mick Jagger Keith Richards chased by the notes of Start Me Up, “a few friends can come together.”

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