Rolling Stones: “GRRR!” New Album!


rolling-stones-grrrrCountdown for the release of new Rolling Stones album, ‘GRRR!’. The greatest hits album will be launched on November 12 and will also include two new songs, the registration of which took place in Paris last August.
Yesterday the legendary band announced on its website, in a press release titles of the new songs, namely ‘Gloom and Doom’ and ‘One Last Shot’, the result of reunion in the studio of the historic British group from the album ‘A Bigger Bang’ , released in 2005, which has been a great success.
And last but not least, what about a live tour? Rumors are back with the idea of a new tour of the band.
In April, Ronnie Wood had said that the group would be back in the studio recording and on August 23 Mick Jagger posted a photo on Twitter that shows him in a recording studio in Paris.
“There is a lot of material to work with – Jagger said about it – and probably in the autumn the public will review the Rolling Stones on stage again with new pieces and great successes of the past.”
Registrations in the studio in Paris, according to well-informed, precede four live dates: the concerts would take place at the O2 Arena in London and the Barclays Center in New York. Appointment for the end of November?

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