Rolling Stones: 50 years of success


It wrolling-stonesas a smoky evening of ’62 when the Marquee in the heart of London musical presented six boys with long hair and with a great passion for the blues, black music and American rock and roll guitar. Passion that exudes from already named Rolling Stones, inspired the name of a piece of the legendary Muddy Waters.
The formation of that evening were two, Michael Philip “Mick” Jagger and Keith Richards, the protagonists of the scene, creators and inventors genius of a loaf of rock that seems to never go out, preserving its roots, do change the cornerstone of its success. Some were lost immediately, bassist Dick Taylor and drummer Tony Chapman, replaced shortly after by Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts, some are not able to not burn in the fire of self-destructive success as Brian Jones, others just are not there more like the pianist Ian Stewart, but their names are likely to remain forever in the history of music.

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