Robbie Williams buys an Island.Why? Read this!


ufoHis passion for UFOs is known but now Robbie Williams has decided to make the big leap: buy an island all to himself’ to devote himself to sightings of alien life forms.
The choice and ‘already’ been made: the island is called White Rock Island, has an area of more than 5 thousand square meters and is situated off the coast of California. Was reported and ‘the Daily Star.
The island is famous for the variety ‘of exotic birds, belongs to the Hollywood director Michael Caffrey, which so far has used it as a location for shooting films or commercials.
The former Take That, who plans to build a luxury resort, it would have over 525.000 euro and negotiations are in progress. ‘
Robbie and ‘a dream location and finally he, his wife Ayda, ed) and the child will not have more than’ doing the rounds of the hotels where I’ve always recognized, “said a friend. Singer, who attended the convention on UFO in Nevada, claims to have seen three objects flying.

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