Riahanna too Sexy for Nivea?


Rhianna-NiveaDating back to last year which saw the ad starring Rihanna for the famous brand of cream, Nivea. The singer showed simple and clean with a soft skin and soft effect achieved with the product, and the intent of advertising.
But with the changes of top managers in Nivea, it seems that the pop star is no longer welcome. Stefan Heidenreich, new head of the company, on the convention of the hundredth anniversary of the Company said: “The ad with Rihanna are to stop, unacceptable. I do not understand how Nivea may be associated with Rihanna.”
It would therefore appear that the managers think that the image of sexy bad girl singer can spoil the reputation of “clean” of his company.
“Nivea is a company that is a symbol of faith, family, reliability,” Heidenreich said, stressing that the ads last year with Rihanna should never have to be transmitted.

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