Pixar The Brave: the videogame


brave-pixarDisney Pixar announces today the launch of The Brave: The Game that will, according to what they said Javier Ferreira, the sequel of the movie.
“The adventures that follow in Rebel – The Brave: The Videogame is an extension of the plot of the film to fans of the film and offer many new opportunities for fun and engaging game. Thanks to The Brave: The Videogame, you can become the star of this incredible adventure, full of narrative twists and distinguished by the quality that only Disney • Pixar knows how to create. “
An adventure in a world of forests, villages and hills set in a fascinating and mysterious Scotland where we will be in the shoes of Merida, certainly known by fans of the film, which happen often in roccambolesche battles and exciting.
This will be the story board spoilerata with wisdom from Pixar.
“The Game is ready to engage the public in the world of Merida and the Scottish Highlands, with realistic and exciting gaming experience inspired by the feature, the new film will allow fans to continue the story told in it, reliving the highlights of ‘heroic journey undertaken from Merida to undo a terrible curse before it’s too late. “
A plot involving certain that in the system through a third-person action game, will take us to “challenge our own destiny” through challenges, battles, ran into the woods and so on and so forth!
This new release promises Pixar license plate number of game modes: single player, where as we said before immedesimeremo redheaded protagonist in the cooperative campaign to deal with friends and relatives, the unusual and captivating Bear Mode Boss Fighting.

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