PC sales fall down: -8,3%


down-market-graphSales of personal computers in the third quarter of the year were down year on year 8, 3%, to a total of 87.5 million units. Significant as regards the United States, where the decline in volumes was 13.8%, with the balance of 15.3 million units, the EMEA region aligns to the data instead of complaining with a decrease of 8 , 7% (to 25.8 million cars were shipped in time) after two quarters of the budget in surplus while the Asia / Pacific region contains the red by 5.6% (to 31.3 million units). Not saved by the curve downward even Latin America (-6.2%) and Japan (-5.4%).
To justify the expected further slowdown in demand, according to analysts at Gartner, there are mainly two factors: the slowdown in consumer purchases (which even the so-called “back to school” was able to fight) and the arrival on the market (from the end of October) of products based on Windows 8, which has led vendors to optimize deliveries to channel operators to optimize inventories. Notebook, ultrabook, tablet and desktop carrying the new operating system from Microsoft will impact also on the dynamics of only limited replacement of old computers within companies in the fourth quarter, leaving then at the beginning of 2013 the investments associated with Windows 8.
The real news, for more air, emerged from the usual report from Gartner, however, is another: Lenovo has surpassed Hewlett Packard in the world rankings and stands now in front of everyone with a market share of 15.7% (compared 15.5% of California home). Milestone reached by the Chinese Enterprise, which in 2005 took over from the IBM PC division and in the last two years has laid the foundations for overtaking implementing an aggressive policy of expansion on an international scale, especially in the corporate and professional.

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