Papa Francesco to youth: “Don’t let you stealing hope”

papa francesco

papa-francesco-imageA message to the faithful marked the Gospels and the wisdom of his grandmother, his grandmother Piedmont. It is the style of Pope Francis, simple and direct, that the faithful have come to know and appreciate. “Never be sad men and women, do not be stealing hope,” Pope urges Francis 250 thousand faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square for the celebration of Palm Sunday. And, in more than one pass, puts aside the homily and proceeds to arm. It does, among other things, to condemn materialism and the thirst for money. “My grandmother told us – remember Bergoglio – children, the shroud has no pockets.” It addressed a special greeting to the young people, who makes an appointment in Rio de Janeiro, July 23 to 28 next, for the thirteenth World Youth Day.
FOR POPE BERGOGLIO a new huge crowd of over two hours, from 9:25 until just before noon, by putting the short to the long end of the Angelus greetings: a feast of handshakes, hugs, kisses children, in the jeep discovery which has made the rounds of the square, simple cassock and white iron crucifix around his neck. Several times he did stop the car to greet people as they leaned out to touch him, and also wanted to get off when he saw a group of boys of ‘his’ diocese of Buenos Aires. For him, therefore, a spiritual embrace, but also ‘physical’ with the crowd of worshipers. In his homily, the second delivered in St. Peter’s Square after the election of 13 March, Francis Pope urged not to be sad. “Never be men, women, sad, a Christian can never be. Do not let yourselves be discouraged, “the strong message to the faithful. He explained: “Ours is not a joy that comes from having many things, but from having met a person: Jesus From knowing that with Him we are never alone, even in difficult times, even when the path of life is confronted with problems and obstacles that seem insurmountable, and there are many. ” And you should not be afraid of sacrifice. “Think of a mom or a dad, how many sacrifices. But why do they do it? For love. And how to face them? With joy because they are the people they love. “

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