Olympic Games: See you in Rio 2016


rio-olympics-2016WHO STAYS. But organizational matters, shall we say, belong to the art of governing. Fortunately, an event like the Olympics owes its charm to the identity of the samples. The stories, good and bad, happy and unhappy, fed by hunting medals. Eventually, the sport is pure humanity (or fake, if someone cheats).
Certainly in 2016, Usain Bolt, the king of speed, the symbol of Beijing and London, will still be there. Must guard against envy and suspicion. Shall conduct its irresistible talent while making sure not to fall into the trap of greed. Age plays into the hands of the Jamaican. Brazil would be the perfect setting for another treble, admitted that Bolt did not even think about moving the attention on the lap, about 400 meters. But who does not dream already flown on another 100, against the emerging Blake?
Will remain between us, certainly, even Calamity Jane. The tender Jessica Rossi, from the cop unerring aim, has a long career ahead, wanting. The shooting does not suffer the anxieties of the registry. The Emilian Records is moving beyond the boundaries of specialties. It ‘s so good to suggest that, in the same race, could easily beat the competing males.
She said she would continue until 2016 Valentina Vezzali. Five Olympic Games, five times the top step of the podium, including test and single teams: Vezzali does not suffer from the syndrome fulfillment. Indeed, those who know it imagines dominated by the desire to downgrade Elisa Di Francisca, Jesina connects the foil, heir respected but not loved. We expect four years of countless battles.
WHO GOES. Instead, Rio will be a spectacle to be enjoyed on TV for those who unplugs it. Michael Phelps was tired of a life consumed to grind kilometers in the pool. He closed the huge, with a record of medals (22). It’ll be in Brazil, in 2016, as a commentator for a major American network. The contract is ready, missing only the precious autograph.

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