Olympic Games: Oscar Dream Run for the Final

oscar pistorius

The story of Pistorius continues. The athlete had to say goodbye to the Olympics without being able to run its 400-meter relay team in the semifinals but South Africa won the appeal: it will be final.
He looked over the Olympics Oscar. The second South African runner, Ofentse Mogawane, that he should hand over the baton to their deployed Paralympic champion in the third fraction, had tripped over the foot of the Kenyan front of him, at the end of the last curve. The two had gone to the ground, the Kenyan who had managed to get up instead of South Africa. South Africa therefore out.
But South Africa has subsequently submitted an appeal which was upheld by the IAAF, the International federatletica. Kenya was disqualified because Mumo Kilo has blocked the path Mogawane. The decision to promote South Africa in the final of the 4×400 which, consequently, 9 teams participate.

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