Nokia vs. Android: and the winner is (will be)


Nokia-Lumia-900-Vs-Samsung-GalaxyFrom less then hour to the press conference organized by Microsoft and Nokia, the Finnish company continues to show pride and continues in the marketing campaign that does not fail to reserve a little veiled attacks on competing platforms. After the barbs hurled at Samsung at IFA in Berlin, to end up in the crosshairs of Nokia is the Android platform.
Without in any way dilute the message characterized by a strong desire to take up the challenge to BigG and manufacturers that use its mobile platform, Nokia said in the pages of Twitter: “Breakfast in New York in a very important day for us. Today we will breakfast with Jellybean “. The reference is obviously to the latest release of the Android operating system, which, of course, Nokia ritene can outperform in what, by the hour, it is the most important challenge ever faced by the Finnish manufacturer. What is at stake concerns the very future of the company, which has staked everything on the new smartphones Lumia Windows Phone 8.
Time after time Nokia seems more confident, as rarely happened to notice in recent times.

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