Nokia and Window 8 are coming

windows 8

windows 8The news is reported by a source of news organization Bloomberg remained anonymous. The new phones Lumia would arrive right on the presentation of Apple iPhone 5, scheduled for September 12, and would enter it on the market in time for the Christmas shopping period.
The news has not been commented on by the Finnish company (which will have less and less of Finland, saw the closure of production plants in Finland in favor of those in Asia).
Phone Windows 8 will be the litmus test for Nokia and Microsoft. The two allies, in fact, are now ferrying Windows Phone 7 trying to stem the losses. If the new platform would be a flop, the situation – especially for Nokia – would begin to be of concern.
And ‘it was announced that current phones WP7 will not be upgradeable to the new operating system (receive a minor update, called WP version 7.8), and may have’ locked ‘purchases waiting for Windows Phone 8.

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