New Shakira hot-video?


celebrities-shakiraThese news “waka waka” could put in a good mood the whole of Europe, other than the rescue fund States or missile shield. A resume from the international press and filter that reveals spicy background: a sextape on board a boat, fell into the hands of two former employees of Shakira, the star that seems shown struggling with Piquet.
Fifteen minutes who are supposedly to be sold to the highest bidder among the Spanish media. The reason? An alleged unfair dismissal: a revenge that could cost so much dear Gerard Pique and Colombian-born singer.
If the news will be confirmed would be a return to the scene of the crime to the yacht, already famous sound stage of the now legendary video of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. For more celebrity Daffodils and mischievous hard times, in short, need to look around and keep under lock and key, along with gold and jewels, the exploits of the bedroom, washing machines transgressive and hot tubs full of a thousand bubbles hot.

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