New Nintendo 3DS XL


Nintendo has announced only a few days ago the release of her new gem laptop: the 3DS XL. In this new version we find the same characteristics of “old” model, but the thing that stands out most is the addition of a very larger screen. First, however, is proper to make a tiny step back. The 3DS is the eighth Nintendo console since fortunately entered in the “gaming world”. Few people know that, originally, the big N was a house that produced laminated cards games. The peculiarity of the 3DS, however, is that the only console in the world that allows you to view games in 3D (real) without the use of goggles of any kind. Announced in 2010, the 3DS is released in the “far” 2011. Strange but true, the 3DS is not a strong start as everyone expected, so that is the same Nintendo to announce a dramatic and unexpected downside: August 12, 2011, less than six months after, the 3DS will be sold at 179 Euros . This is what happens up at E3 2012 – the largest worldwide event for video games and technology in general – where Nintendo, always unexpectedly, does not announce anything so important. Just days later, however – is June 22, 2012 – During Nintendo Direct, the home of Kyoto pulls out of the hat a new model of the console: the 3DS XL, which incorporates therein an upper screen of 4.88 inches (3.53 against the previous model) and a lower 4.18-inch (vs. 3.02), corresponding to about 90% of surface “visual” more. But the most hardcore gamers know, Nintendo is not new to this type of “revisiting” the DS also suffered the same fate, first with the DSi and then with the DSi. Everything, in fact, is part of an “old” Nintendo’s strategy: managing to impress with a little, but mostly selling console of spades simultaneously. Warning! The version of “XL” will not replace the base model, but will support only. Now we see the console in detail. The 3DS XL has a brighter screen, improved aesthetics, rounded corners and base lighter and thinner. In contrast, there was an increase in weight: 336 grams against 235 of the original current. The battery, however, was much improved, with an increase of 20% more performance. Now a sad note: believe it or not, the console will be sold without the charger in the box, but instead will be sold in a bundle – so no extra cost – with a card “SD” by 4 Gigabytes versus 2 of old model. This is very important, always in a “download” long Nintendo can download demos, videos, and lots of interesting goodies, all in the channel “shop” the 3DS. And now the main feature. The Nintendo 3DS XL will be released July 28 in Italy, the incredible price of $ 199, and will also be sold with Kindom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (in fact, three times “d”). These, however, is the incredible outputs for 3DS by the end of the year for all other distributed by Nintendo itself: New Super Mario Bros. 2, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Kingdom Hearts, Castlevania LoS: Mirror of Fate and the ‘highly anticipated Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon. Guaranteed, also the absolute backwards compatibility between XL and 3DS 3DS games, as well as the huge playroom for the Nintendo DS. The console will be sold in silver, red and blue. Warning! In the spring of 2013 will be released on 3DS Lite, a “super slim” of the 3DS.

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