New Iphone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy!


Despite the enthusiasm that exploded around the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3, which many would have given a hard time on the smartphone market Apple’s iPhone, the iPhone is always the favorite phone ever, so much so that, according to a report of JP Morgan, the new iPhone 5, ready to debut next month of September, is already considered the best phone of 2012 and 2013, beating all competitors.
According to Mark Moskowitz, the famous financial analyst JP Morgan, in fact, the new iPhone 5 will dominate the smartphone market throughout 2013, thanks to the winning combination of hardware and software innovations presented as iOS 6 as passbook, FaceTime 3G and 3D maps.
The figures show that the iPhone has unleashed that irrepressible impulse to the growth of Apple in recent years, with 150 billion in total revenue and forecasts on the iPhone 5 now suggests a continuation of this situation, even for 2013, despite some analysts consider that the golden age may be nearing its peak.
The arrival of new players on the market, from Android to Windows Phone 8, according to many, is, in fact, intended to fragment the demand over time and lead to a slowdown in purchases. Within the next 5 years, in fact, may increase the difficulty, but for now the iPhone 5 continues to dominate.

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